Microcurrent therapy device for pain relief and treating wide range of health issues. Space medicine (SCENAR & DENAS technology) is not just for astronauts or elite sportsmens, it's for everyone
Professional, Clinical and Home use to address chronic pain and other health issues
The way to relieve pain naturally, safe, without complications and not expensive
Take charge and treat yourself at home when you need it most. No more waiting for appointments or needing to rescheduleю Or visit therapist's office equipped with DENAS vertebra for great results.
DENAS-Vertebra is a great self-care device
to help address chronic pain, not only does it offer pain relief but the DENAS technology helps your body repair internally what's causing the pain through dynamic electro neuro adaptive stimulation (DENAS)

The DENAS-Vertebra is your drug-free answer
to chronic back and joint pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neuropathy, insomnia, chronic fatigue, stress and many other health issues you might face.
The DENAS-Vertebra
uses microcurrent frequencies to get rid of pain for good by using the body's ability to repair itself naturally without drugs.
This is not a TENS unit
the DENAS-Vertebra is lightyears ahead and opens up a biofeedback communication between your brain and the area of the pain.
Famous SCENAR Technology
this space-age technology was developed over 40 years ago for use by astronauts in space instead of drugs and is now available for you with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. This is the answer to addressing your chronic pain.

Impact on the back and neck
5 Automated programs
Program A
Program B
Program C
Program D
Program E
Universal relaxation, antistress, general energization
  • sleep disorders
  • rehabilitation after injuries, wide range of health issues (course 8-10 procedures)
  • prevention of chronic health issues (course 8-10 procedures)
  • prevention and treatment of stress (course 8-10 procedures)
  • increasing the overall resistance of the body (1-3 daily procedures)
Urgent treatment of acute pain
  • severe back pain associated with a disease or injury of the spine, back muscles (a course of 10 or more procedures)
  • spastic pain in diseases of internal organs
  • physical overstrain (situational use in the first hours after exercise)
Therapy of functional disorders
  • Back pain associated with chronic diseases of the spine (course of 8-10 procedures)
  • overstrain of the back muscles (fatigue, clogged muscles, etc.)
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs (course of 5-10 procedures)
  • Rehabilitation after diseases, prevention of exacerbations.
Therapy of pathological spots (small areas, thin segemental zones)
  • Emergency care for local back pain (situational or course of treatment in combination with the program B or C)
  • Treatment of spinal diseases in combination with other programs of the device
DENAS Vertebra finds and automatically treats pathological zones.
  • Prevention of diseases of internal organs
  • Targeted therapy of spinal diseases
DENAS-Vertebra implements a fundamentally new way of electrostimulation, which was called by developers "traveling wave". This principle implies intermittent switching on of various electrodes depending on the program you've chosen in the devices's menu
It replaces movement with the classic DENAS device and classic massage effects like stroking, rubbing, kneading, pounding

Scientists, Medical Doctors and even the general public are aware that every internal organ has its own segmental zone (representation) on the spinal cord. DENAS-Vertebra can find individual pathological spots on the spine connected to a patient's health issue and then treat these zones using special biofeedback neuro-like patented impulses.
Say, in case of diabetes, choose program E, the device automatically finds a level of treatment (usually level 3 - abdominal organ) and then automatically treats it. You can additionally use program В on the same level to fix the result.
Areas of application
Spine and joint issues
Symptoms which can be effectively treated with denas-vertebra:
  • back pain, neck pain, knee pain, pain in the elbows, hands etc
  • limited mobility of joints, locking up of the body's joints
  • poor posture/scoliosis
  • muscle pain, inflammation, fatigue
  • deformation of joints
  • head ache caused by osteochondrosis
Diagnosis which you may have from your Doctor and which are indications for denas-therapy:
  • herniated disc
  • osteochondrosis
  • spondyloarthrosis
  • spondylosis
  • fibromyalgia
  • scoliosis
  • ankylosing spondylitis (Behterev-Strumpel-Marie)
  • fractured a bone
  • torn ligaments and tendons
  • myositis, myodystrophy, convulsive/spastic syndrome etc
Central and peripheral nervous system
Symptoms-indications for DENAS-vertebra treatment:
  • pain along the nerves or any pain of a neurological nature
  • movement disorders (paresis, paralysis etc, akinesia or chorea, impaired coordination of movements, tremor, etc.);
  • tactile sensitivity disorders (tingling of certain parts of the body, numbness of the affected area, "crawling goosebumps", no feeling of pain, hypersensitivity to pain)
  • impaired sense of smell, hearing, vision, and other types of sensitivity;
  • sleep disorders (insomnia, sleep apnea, parasomnias, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy etc)
  • disorders of consciousness (fainting, coma);
  • mental and emotional disorders.
  • depression and anxiety
  • hysterical and epileptic seizures;
Diagnosis which you may have from your Doctor and which are indications for denas-therapy:
  • neuritis and neuralgia
  • paresis, paralysis, akinesia or chorea, impaired coordination of movements, tremor, etc
  • disesthesias, hyperalgesia, analgesia, polynesia, paresthesia, thermoesthesia, allkare, dissociated sensitivity disorder
  • insomnia, sleep apnea, parasomnias, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy etc
  • fast recovery after competitions
  • optimize the nervous system and muscles for high results in sports
  • pain relief caused by trauma or muscle strain
  • quick restore of sport traumas
Treating the reason of this issue and its complications (diabetic foot, nephropathy, microangiopathy)
Overweight and obese
Prevention and treatment of physical and mental stress
Diseases of internal organs
Stress and and its consequences
COVID pandemic.
Extra special
from Dr Pavel
Kit for prophylaxis:
Protocol for prophylaxis:
Request special price from Dr Pavel below:
Wrapping into blanket - 30 mins, treating on DENAS-vertebra, choose automatic Program A - 23 mins. 7 every day sessions a month
Kit for treatment of symptoms:
Request special price from Dr Pavel below:
Protocol for treatment:
Depends on specific symptoms, age, presence of other chronic diseases. Wrapping into blanket - 40 mins, treating on DENAS-vertebra, choose automatic Program E - 40 mins, DENAS-PCM - he-gu point on the palm, finding pathological spots using diagnostic mode of the. 12 every day sessions, 2-5 sessions a day is also possible.
Find quick answers to common issues and frequently asked questions
Can we use the device in case of COVID-19, HIV or other virus health?
It should be noted that denas technology can't destroy the virus directly. DENAS open internal forces of the body, immune system works much better and you can make prophylaxis of such viral health issues successfully or treat successfully symptoms.
What about international shipping in 2020-21 during COVID-19?
It depends on the destination. Before the pandemic, international departures were sent along with passenger planes. Many passenger services are canceled at present, as a result, delivery services use other delivery channels, so there are some delays in shipments, but they still successfully reach their destinations. Some examples from our current experiences: shipments to the USA arrive in 1.5-3 weeks (before pandemic - 8-15 days), to Canada - 1 month, to UK - 2 weeks.
What is your warranty period for denas-vertebra?
We provide 1 year warranty for all devices.
Is it possible to use the device for scoliosis?
Yes, you can treat this health issue. In order to make this session more comfortable, bend your legs at the knee joints at the beginning of the procedure. In general, thin people with spinal deformities usually don't like to lie on denas-vertebra for a long time during first sessions because of the prominent electrodes. Sessions become more comfortable for the patients after 2-4 days of using the device.
Can I use DENAS-Vertebra-2 device at home?
Yes, DENAS-Vertebra-2 device was specially designed for home use or for therapists at clinics. It has user-friendly interface. Technology is safe as the device emits weak neuro-like impulses, which can't be harmful even if you treat some areas too long or with wrong mode. The device has 2 power sources which you can choose: 4 AA batteries or network (adapter + usb cable).
Do I need to put the device on a completely flat and hard surface during treatment?
It is better to put the device on the flat and hard surface to avoid damage, but in most cases it is also safe to put device on the soft sofa, mattress or even a big chair, but note that you should avoid strong deformation of the device in this case.
Is it possible to use the device for pain relief in case of diagnosed cancer (oncology)?
Yes, it is possible to apply the device because item emits weak neuro-like bioresonance impulses below 200 Hz, which was classified as safe and recommended for use in clinical practice in Russian Federation. DENAS impulses doesn't heat tussie, impulses doesn't penetrate cells, it is safe bioresonance informative influence on the receptors in accordance to reflexology principles. Note, DENAS technology doesn't cure cancer, it helps to relieve symptoms accompanied by cancer.
Is it possible to use the device for children?
DENAS-technology is suitable even for a newborn, but denas-vertebra device was designed for adult. Children spine is much smaller than surface of denas-vertebra, that's why we can't fully use the device for children under 12 years of age. You can use pocket-size denas-pcm-6 for children.
What is the maximal weight of the individual who can use the denas-vertebra-2 device?
We tested DENAS-vertebra-2 successfully with max 150 kg (330 lb) weight of the individual.
Should I bare my back for treatment on DENAS-Vertebra?
Sure, the device's electrodes work only on the uncovered skin, by direct skin's contact.
Is your device is one of the type of PEMF machine?
DENAS as well as SCENAR technology is not PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic frequency), DENAS utilise direct skin's contact technology which work as reflexological instrument. It is safe because it doesn't penetrate skin and body parts - the influence is weak and only informative on the receptors and neural system including the brain. Only DENAS-PCM has short-distance PEMF mode.
Can I use denas-vertebra-2 to treat morning sickness during the pregnancy?
Pregnancy is not contraindication for denas treatment, so you can successfully treat any health issues accompanied by pregnancy
If I feel weak tingle sensation from denas-vertebra, should I increase intensity to the maximal readings?

It doesn't make sense to always reach sensitivity on the denas-vertebra. Even if you feel nothing and the device indicates therapy working, you receive therapy. So 18-26 level of intensity is enough for effective treatment.
Can I combine different programs of the DENAS-Vertebra device?
Yes, you can classically combine A and C programs. Other example: in case of a nagging pain in the shoulder girdle, program B is conducting, and then C. In case of acute pain in the same place, program D at first, and then program C.
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